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Creating Special Spaces To Reflect, Relax & Rejuvenate

A Commemorative Bench is a unique way to celebrate family, friends and important events while contributing to the beautification of our Jackson County parks, lakes and trails.

Cost & Materials

$1,000 Standard Bench: 15-year lifespan. Made of heavy grade punched steel with vandal resistant vinyl coating.

Standard BenchStandard bench includes plaque (not shown here)

$2,500 Premium Bench: 30-year lifespan. Made of cast iron with a durable powder-coated finish. Both are 6’, black in color, and include 6” x 3” plaque, concrete pad and installation.

Premium BenchPremium Bench with plaque


Benches can be requested and placed at most Jackson County Parks, including Fleming Park, Longview Lake Park, and along the Little Blue Trace Trail. Jackson County Parks + Rec reserves the right to determine your final bench placement location, based on availability, and approved wording on the plaque.


Installation depends on the time of year your request is received. You will receive a letter notifying you when your bench has been placed, along with a map showing the location.


The donor will have the first opportunity for renewal when the bench reaches its lifespan. The County accepts no liability for damages from vandals or third parties and reserves the right to remove any damaged benches that are deemed beyond repair.

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