Where is the camp located?
The Jacomo Summer Camp is located at the Kemper Outdoor Education Center at Lake Jacomo in Fleming Park. The address is:
8201 Jasper Bell Road
Blue Springs, MO 64015

For more information, please visit the Kemper Outdoor Education Center page.

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1. Where is the camp located?
2. What facilities are at the camp?
3. How long has the Jacomo Summer Camp been in operation?
4. Is there transportation available?
5. What is the maximum number of campers that can enroll?
6. What is the ratio of counselors to campers?
7. Who are the counselors and what are their qualifications?
8. Who is the Camp Director?
9. What are the age groups?
10. How many campers are in each age group?
11. Can my children be in the same group if they are different ages?
12. My child is coming with a friend. Will they be in the same group?
13. What activities will my child be involved in?
14. What do the campers do during extended hours?
15. Where do the campers swim?
16. What safety precautions are taken with aquatic activities?
17. What if my child can’t swim?
18. What is a typical day like at the Jacomo Summer Camp?
19. How are the campers transported on field trips?
20. What if it rains?
21. What happens when it’s super-hot?
22. Is water available to the campers all day?
23. Does the camp furnish lunch or snacks?
24. Can special needs children enroll?
25. What is a camp name?