Is there a one-time registration fee?
There is no one-time fee. Campers register and pay only for the weeks of camp that they plan to attend.

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1. Is there a one-time registration fee?
2. Is there an extra charge for field trips or other activities?
3. How soon do I need to register my child?
4. How do I register my child for camp?
5. How do I get a registration form?
6. Who do I make the check payable to?
7. What are the camp fees?
8. I have more than one child. Is there a discount for additional children?
9. What if my child doesn’t need to come 5 days a week?
10. Can my child come all summer?
11. Does my child have to come all summer?
12. If the week we want is already full, do you keep a waiting list?
13. Can I tour the camp before I register my child?
14. Are there any other forms besides the Registration Form that will need to be completed?
15. What is the Parent Pack?
16. Where do I get the Parent Pack?
17. How/When/Where do I turn in the Parent Pack forms?
18. Will my child have to receive a physical before camp?
19. Can I enroll my child for 1 week to see if he/she likes it before signing up for more weeks?
20. Can I put a deposit on additional sessions to hold a space for my child?
21. Are there refunds if I change my mind?
22. What if I need to switch sessions after I enroll my camper?